Steven Yohay


Steven Yohay

Steven Yohay spent over fifty years serving ACI Healthcare Group in several important capacities. Once a patient treated for heroin addiction, Mr. Yohay would grow to become a counselor-in-training and eventually CEO and Principal Shareholder of the company. He was integral to the organization’s relocation and expansion to a 100-bed facility in the early 1980s. In 2002, Steven founded Nine Eleven Case Management. In every endeavor, he seeks to create a better, safer, healthier space for supporting and healing others.

Steven Yohay Executive

Steven J. Yohay became addicted to heroin before the age of twenty. He had the privilege of entering treatment under the care of Daniel H. Casriel, MD, at ACI Healthcare Group. Upon completion of his treatment, he became the renowned physician’s protégé as a counselor trainee. Mr. Yohay ascended the ACI organizational ladder, becoming Resident Director, then Executive Director, and advancing to CEO and Principal Shareholder for the company . Now retired, Mr. Yohay’s impact on ACI Healthcare Group remains lasting and inspiring.

Steven Yohay Philanthropist

Steven Yohay is a passionate philanthropist who supports AIPAC and B’nai Zion. In 2002, he founded Nine Eleven Case Management. His experience as a recovering heroin addict and patient-turned-employee for ACI Healthcare Group would take him on an unexpected journey of discovery and healing, helping others along the way. Mr. Yohay is a counselor emeritus with Addiction Counseling Associates of New York, a private, self-pay counseling center. 

Steven Yohay
Theater Investor

Steven Yohay invests his spare time and resources in supporting musical theater. He has contributed financially to the production of several shows, including Sweeney Todd and Hairspray. Born in 1950, Mr. Yohay was the victim of a tragic car accident as a teenager which took the life of his fiancé, contributing to his descent into heroin addiction. Through treatment, he recovered and turned his experiences into an opportunity to support the recovery of others. Throughout his life he has found the production side of musical theater fascinating and exciting. 


Steven Yohay - Recognized with Plaque Dedication from ACI

Former ACI Healthcare Group CEO and Principal Shareholder, Steven J. Yohay, is a certified alcoholism and substance abuse counselor in the state of New York. He is a recovered heroin addict who was first a patient at ACI Healthcare Group before using his experience to build a career with the substance abuse treatment facility. In 2022, he was honored for his contributions to the organization with a dedication ceremony and commemorative plaque established in ACI’s new building.

Former Principal Shareholder

Steven Yohay is the former Principal Shareholder for ACI Healthcare Group, the organization where he received life-changing addiction treatment.

Counselor Emeritus

For his contributions and expertise, Steven Yohay was awarded the Counselor Emeritus designation by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.


Heroin addiction would bring Steven Yohay to ACI Healthcare Group for treatment. His recovery led to employment and eventually to the role of CEO for ACI Healthcare Group.


Steven J. Yohay founded Nine Eleven Case Management,Inc. to serve the victimes of the 9/11 World Trade Center, Managing mental health and substance abuse benefits.

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